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27 Zorro Drive Yarrawonga Victoria 3730

What is Energy Healing?

Crystalight Energy Healing - We are Energy

Our body has an innate mechanism to restore and heal, it is constantly creating patterns to keep us functioning day to day. When our energy flow becomes overworked, distorted or traumatized, unhealthy patterns can emerge which confuses and taxes our energy field. Our organs, our thought patterns and our ability to regenerate cells are all affected. This can set up cycles of disease and distress, weakening our Life Force.

There is a lot of hype and confusion about subtle energy healing methods on the internet these days, it was once a blend of healing practices that were readily accepted and sought after by those who were naturally drawn to it though connections of like-minded people, an acceptance of simple and natural medicine and an intuitive belief in nature and nurture. But now, in a world of ego and greed, unfortunately the heart and soul of Energy Healing has been tainted and those with the pure intention to help others have been shrouded by the limelight of those who speak the loudest and have fancy marketing campaigns!

For me, it's not about gaining a huge following of people or projecting a persona of deep spiritual knowledge like a Guru. It's about people, connection and about using the Light of good intention and the elements of nature and natural energetics available to us to help heal and bring more peace and joy into the lives of others. To simply see a smile on someone's face when they tell me they are feeling better after coming to see me for support is worth its weight in gold. It helps both of us raise the vibration of positive energy in our lives and in those we come in contact with, and that is what is most important. Sharing your experience also helps others understand Energy Healing, Reiki & Crystal Healing from individual perspectives and outcomes. This is how we share, connect and care for ourselves and others, it brings unity through peace and healing to our Planet.

At Crystalight Energy Healing I use a combination of Reiki Therapy, Crystal Healing & Energy Balancing Techniques to encourage relaxation & well-being, in a professional, peaceful & nurturing environment. The focus is to support your body’s energy field to vibrate at a healthy & vibrant frequency by encouraging the physical and subtle bodies' energy to flow more freely and effectively to support health. There is a distinction between the methods used and they also work harmoniously together. Reiki is more a spiritual practice working from within, reminding the body that it has the capacity to self-heal and regenerate. Energy is channelled to the client and activated by the Practitioner's hand placements, encouraging the client's receptivity to self-healing. It is not 'faith healing' but trusting in the Practitioner and the process, and opening yourself to the energy of healing encourages the physical & emotional bodies to respond. Crystals emit an energetic resonance that entrains or blends with the body's frequency, bringing it into a more stable pattern. Energy Balancing Techniques work from the outside in, helping to gently re-route energy flow, it is a more  proactive practice working to reorganize the state of the biofield and stabilizing the energy flow. Each client is individually assessed and treatment will vary according to the individual's needs at the time. 

One or all methods may be used; individually or in combination, these techniques help to stimulate the natural healing process and encourage healthy energy flow, which in turn can help reduce the risk of illness developing or deepening by providing the body with restorative relaxation and by shifting energy restriction. 

There is no miraculous cure involved but research and documented results show how this type of healing practice has amazing positive outcomes for so many inspired, thankful people of all ages around the world. The Testimonials I have received are so encouraging and heart-warming and inspire me in my ongoing Healing work.

Energy Healing can be used safely to compliment medical care you may be receiving and I am happy to work in collaboration with your Clinical Practitioner if you desire. Because I work with the energetic field, apparatus such as pacemakers & other electrical implants will be taken into account during treatment, so your session will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

What can Energy Healing do for me?

Are you feeling stressed, in pain, anxious, emotionally overwhelmed or just outright exhausted? 

Life demands much of our time and energy, electronic devices, schedules and commitments drain our reserves and can create weak frequencies and distorted energy patterns. Our body is made up of energy centers or chakras that constantly radiate and receive energy, being instrumental in helping to process and distribute vibrational messages. They nourish our auric field, which is sensitive to the vibrations we are exposed to.

Energy flows through the body in spiraling patterns and can become blocked and warped, and affect our health and balance. 

Working with your energetic field  helps to create deep relaxation, promote mental and emotional balance and spark a renewed sense of well-being. I use Reiki Therapy & these other Energy Healing practices to help release stress & tension, ease pain, stimulate the immune system & reduce feelings of overwhelm. 

It helps to systematically and gently shift old patterns & blockages that your body may be holding onto; empowering you to create healthy new energetic structure. When we feel nurtured and well, this radiates into life and our relationships. So you not only help yourself, but the light of wellness shines upon others as well.

What is Reiki?

Crystalight Energy Healing - Reiki

Reiki, translates from Japanese as "Universal Vital Force" and although the complete interpretation is a little complex, the essence of Reiki is about helping the whole person heal with the same energy that gives us Life. It is through the intention of both the practitioner and the client that healing is generated. It is essentially a spiritual and nurturing healing practice but not a religious practice and is available to all living beings, including animals and plants. 

Reiki is activated by lightly placing the hands in a series of positions on or slightly above the body. The practitioner activates Reiki energy which passes through the hands and with the intention to heal and  the client's intention to receive, the energy field is opened to receive and respond. This  promotes  healing by stimulating the relaxation response, helping the body to balance energetically and to self-heal. Because energy is everywhere and everything, and All is interconnected without limited time or space, Reiki healing can also be practiced remotely with a client anywhere on the Planet (and beyond for that matter). It sounds amazing and it is. Science is still in the process of researching scientifically how Reiki actually works, but countless testimonials of people all over the world can attest to the benefits of this healing practice. 

For me, Reiki is similar to the feeling you get from a reassuring hug, a kiss on the forehead
or the warmth on your face of the morning sun

It is pure, focussed intention of caring and compassionate, gentle touch that activates and supports healing on all levels. 

The best way to know Reiki is to experience it for yourself.

How do Crystals help?

Crystalight Energy Healing - Home based Healing Room

Crystals have a unique crystalline structure and their own energetic field, by placing especially selected crystals on and around your  body we can help to create subtle energy shifts by entrainment. Crystal Entrainment is when the energy frequency of your body synchronizes with the crystalline structure and frequency of the crystals, placed within your Aura. They support the Reiki treatment, providing a more balanced & structured vibrational memory within your energy field. Reiki and crystals work harmoniously with one another enhancing your Energy Healing experience.

Crystals & the Human Energy Field Video

What is Energy Balancing?

Crystalight Energy Healing - Sound resonance

Energy Balancing is the use of all the above methods individually or together, each having its own subtle impact on helping to balance our bodily systems. They may also be enhanced by using sound resonance from a Tibetan Singing Bowl, where your vibration is lifted and attuned by sound. Shifting and moving energy that flows through the meridians (energy channels) and within the Aura, helps the body to move stagnant chi (vital energy) and stimulate the relaxation response.

Various techniques that help re-patterning and stimulating energy flow such as
Energy Medicine, may also be encouraged to continue with outside your appointment.


During your session I will be focused on clearing and balancing your body and encouraging new energetic patterns. Maintaining these subtle energy systems can also be practiced through meditation and energy exercise in between visits. These practices are very beneficial for ongoing self-care. 

I have provided a link to a Daily Energy Routine by Donna Eden here. 

These can be used to help refresh your life and restore vitality every day!

What can I expect during my Healing Session?

Crystalight Energy Healing - Relaxation


Before your initial appointment you will be asked to complete a standard Client Consent Form to gather basic information about you and to gain consent to place hands on your body for treatment. If you require hand placement close to more intimate areas of the body for more focussed treatment as recommended by your clinical practitioner, you will be asked to complete another Specific Consent Form.

This can be done on the day or emailed to you to scan & return prior to your appointment. Having prior information can be beneficial so I can have the room ready & tailored for your needs. This consent will also be required for Distant Healings. If it is difficult for you to lay down on a treatment table due to a disability or another restriction, the sessions can be performed sitting.


It is preferable that you attend your appointment showered, hydrated and at least an hour after your last meal. You will be asked to wear loose, comfortable clothing and to remove any bulky items, shoes, jewellery, watches and hair clips. You will be scanned using my hands around your energy field to assess you for treatment, and depending on your needs you may be energy tested to determine your energy strength,  by a simple resistance test. 
We will discuss any concerns or particular treatment focus before we begin. 

Healing Treatment

You will be asked to lay on the treatment table and may have a cover over the eyes depending on your preference and your ability to focus inward. Depending on your individual requirements you will be asked to lay on your back, front, or both.  You will then be asked to relax into the music while your treatment is quietly and gently carried out. Your energy field will be scanned by hovering my hand above your body to ascertain subtle energetic flow within the biofield throughout your treatment. There may be crystals placed on and around your body and hands placed on or just above the body in various positions. I may also use gentle tapping, pinching and brushing to shift energy flow. Spooning of the feet may also be used for grounding. The gong of the Tibetan Singing Bowl may also be used to lift, attune and dissipate energetic blocks by sound resonance.

During your session while energy is shifting, you may experience sensations of tingling, floating, warmth, twitching, cool spots, welling of emotions or falling asleep! This is all a part of the process of balancing, stimulating and clearing your energy field. Relaxing into it and letting your body be free to release, helps the energy flow and adjust into its new patterns and frequency. Once the session is completed you will be asked to gently sit up and to hydrate with a glass of filtered water to help ground you. We will have a chat about what you experienced, how you responded and whether further treatment is recommended. I do encourage  at least three treatments to help secure new patterns but of course this will depend on your individual requirements and commitments.
Some people have a more effective treatment the second time around as they are more familiar to the process and a bond of trust has begun to be established. Each treatment can be totally different from the last as energies change and we experience new day to day events.


It is a good idea to be aware that subtle fluctuations and energy shifting continues when you leave after your treatment, you may experience some light-headedness or other sensations as your body adjusts and detoxifies. You may even experience subtle shifts in dream patterns, emotions and mood. This is all very normal as the gentle energetic changes take place. If you have had pent up emotions for some time and you feel teary, just allow them to release. It is a good idea to journal your thoughts and feelings so you can track your progress and free anything that comes up for you. It is important to keep hydrated, continue to flush your system and avoid strenuous activity or alcohol for at least 24 hours. If any concerns develop that you would like to share I am available to discuss them with you. Please email or message me if you can't reach me by phone and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I am eager to hear about your positive outcomes, it inspires & motivates my ongoing healing work and also enhances my personal journey to hear my clients share their experiences. If you choose to do so, sharing these experiences in a Testimonial or Recommendation and Review on the Facebook page, helps encourage me in my practice and also supports the self-care and healing of others.  

Reiki is a Blessing to be shared. 

It is practiced to lift the vibration of All, 

With the Light of pure Healing Intention.

Distant Healings

Crystalight Energy Healing-  Distant Healings

I also offer Distant Healings if you are unable to attend in person due to distance or illness. This remote style of Healing still requires an appointment and preparation, and is

treated with as much focus and attention as if you were physically attending.
I have clients attest to beautiful positive results, you can read them in the Testimonials here.

If you would like to discuss this option please contact me.


How long does it take?    and     What does it cost?

Crystalight Energy Healing - How long does it take? What does it cost?

Each Crystalight Energy Healing session takes about One Hour depending on your  individual needs, in addition there will be a little more time before and after for discussion.

Your initial appointment may take a little longer to allow time to complete a Client Consent Form, if not completed beforehand.

Between each client's session the Healing Room and my own energy field needs to be 'reset' with fresh linen and cleansed energetically, so when you arrive the healing space and your Practitioner is refreshed and energetically neutralized and balanced. The crystals used are also cleansed physically and energetically, this is why appointments do need have at least 60 mins in between clients.
It is a Practice that respects time, space and patience to provide the most favourable healing experience.

You will receive a reminder text the day before you appointment and I like to follow up with a quick call or message to see how you are travelling after your first session, this also gives you an opportunity to share any feedback and ask any questions you may have.

Energy Healing Treatment Fee ~ Initial Appointment $55 / Return Visit $50 

                                                                                          Make an Appointment

Crystalight Energy Healing Gift Certificate

* * Gift Certificates Available * *

Gift Certificate Card with Envelope


A tumbled Crystal given to the client at the completion of Healing Session 

(a crystal will be chosen to energetically suit the individual ).


Crystalight Energy Healing - Are you covered?

Are You Covered? 

Crystalight Energy Healing sessions unfortunately are not covered for Health Insurance claims at this point in time. Reiki and a number of other Alternative & Holistic Health Services are still being reviewed and just as Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine took some time to be recognized, so too will Reiki Therapy be put through the red tape. 

2019 Update: Because of the popularity of Natural Therapies they are all under review again, so it is uncertain to the future outcome of our most valuable healing resources at this time

However, as a dedicated Healthcare Provider and Reiki Australia Member, I am required to be a registered Business, have legitimate Reiki Practice & First Aid Certification, Police Clearance, Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance and provide my services under the
 National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers.  Any provider of Healthcare services should offer the same.
So, we provide you with the reassurance that Crystalight Energy Healing  practices in a safe, competent and ethical manner just as any other Healthcare Service requirement. We are also proudly a Reiki Australia Certified Clinic

As a Healthcare Practitioner I want my clients to get the best treatment that I can provide and although it is not a mainstream practice, all health and healing happens on many levels being and is effective for everyone in their own individual way. I believe Energy Healing should be provided in a professional, relaxed atmosphere and be easily available to everyone, without overly-inflated fees or complicated paperwork. It is complimentary to mainstream treatments you may already be receiving from your Clinical Practitioners and a gentle, effective treatment for recovery from major illness and trauma. I am happy to work in collaboration with your Doctors and Clinicians with any existing Treatment Plan you may have in place. 

Rest assured Crystalight Energy Healing practice has your best interests in mind; and although this type of Health Service offers Health and Healing from an complimentary perspective, be assured it is a Professional & Legitimate Health Practice.  ☑️ 

Crystalight Energy Healing - Reiki Therapy

You are in safe hands...

I Look forward to meeting you ... With Blessings of Crystalight, Sonia  

Crystalight Energy Healing - Rest & Recover

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Opening Hours:   Monday - Friday (some weekends) 

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*Please allow at least one day to book an appointment.

I will do my best to accommodate a suitable time for you. 

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