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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

We are capable of producing a gamut of strong emotions, joy, regret, shame, courage, sadness, anger, excitement and fear, just to name a few. When we are experiencing them, they seem so real, they seem to control us, and in a way they do. A thought process signals a message to the body; a surging of hormones, the increased blood flow pounding the heart, and the streaming of tears are all normal physical reactions to an emotional situation. The brain triggering electrical impulses and thoughts bouncing logic and emotions from side to side. Feelings activate bodily sensations and often we trigger a natural resistance to experiencing the physical sensations associated with painful emotions. It takes about 60-90 seconds for the body to emotionally respond to a situation. There is a wave that we sense is coming that can be scary especially when dealing with sensations of sorrow and grief. We try to avoid emotions that are essential for the healing to take place; avoidance and resistance is initiated and a debilitating pattern is set in motion, internalizing unprocessed and destructive energy frequencies into our system. For healing to take place these emotions needs to be felt, to be processed and expressed in a fluid motion, gently releasing and allowing new emotional acceptance to come into play. Energy healing practice helps activate this process, offering a gentle and nurturing environment for the body to begin to self-heal.

I remember when I was working in the Mental Health field years ago asking one of my colleagues, "Do you think a thought triggers an emotion, or do we experience an emotion that triggers a thought ?". He could not answer, neither could my Manager nor Tutor when I did further study. I still find it fascinating. We are such complex beings, our patterns and processes so intricate and fragile. I was working with young people with substance abuse and mental health challenges and I was so curious, I wanted to find out how we could time an intervention before a destructive pattern re-occurred. I understood that thoughts definitely affected our moods and our actions, but where does it originate? Who says our emotional intelligence doesn't trigger our thoughts  and actions. There are differing theories and scientific thought but no definitive answer. As babies, we feel our way before we think our way through our first stages of life, so it makes sense that we are emotional beings first.  We are born with only two instinctual emotional responses, the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds.

We are sensory beings and our energetic flow is individual to us all. There is no set pattern that is perfect for everyone. Since practicing energetic work, I believe there are endless possibilities and combinations of energetic patterns, and that understanding and accepting our individuality, and having a close relationship with our authentic self,  is the true key to holistic health and wellbeing.

Both thoughts and feelings feed each other, the more we think, the more we feel and as feelings escalate, the more our mind becomes overwhelmed with thoughts.  It is all a necessary part of the journey of experiencing life which can be very, very different for each of us. Some of us are more sensitive than others and may be more expressive in our emotional responses compared to someone else going through the same thing. But we are all unique, there is no right or wrong way to feel or to express ourselves. The more we accept our differences, the more we will understand and empathize with one another.

"The more comfortable we become with our feelings, the easier it is to express, process and digress!"

During positive emotions we feel lighter, brighter and our world is a wonderful place to be. But when we experience negative emotions, such as sorrow, our brain tries to find logical understanding, things become heavier and darker, and we feel like our world is against us, that nothing will help us heal. At times, we naturally reject help because our subconscious mind is telling us our emotions need to be felt, they need to be processed and released, and we resist the experience. Taking the first step to accepting support in your healing process opens the door to a new and more rewarding life. 

Emotional distress affects our body in a variety of destructive ways and many people have a tendency to hide how they feel, trying not to be reliant on others or sharing their burdens. In a world of expectation to strive and cope  with pressure, we have become disconnected from our emotions, stuffing them down out of sight, hoping they will just go away. But they don't. We need to consciously deal with them at some point and once the healing begins, we can then trust that we are open to  healing on all levels. When we experience intense emotions they seem to permeate every cell, every part of our life in one way or another and on some levels they do. Energetically there is much going on, parts of us shut down creating blockages and other areas speed up creating overwhelm. Our body tries to process so much at once and energies become disjointed and scattered. When this happens over long periods of time, negative patterns set in and our body creates destructive and fatiguing energetic frequencies. Our Aura can become disconnected and distorted, holes can develop, energy pathways can become stagnant and our natural rhythm to spiral and flow becomes scattered and burned out. Our thoughts become clouded and negative, and this filters through to our relationships and our day to day life.

"Many people tend to deny, distract or destruct to avoid processing their feelings".

Eventually health problems will arise because these emotions, this emotional energy, has not been processed effectively and the destructive patterns are draining our reserves needed for our other bodily functions and other areas of our life. We start to believe our fears are a permanent part of our life. Something I read that has stuck with me is "Fear is Evidence Appearing Real", we fear so many things that simply are not real, we fool ourselves, when they are in reality temporary responses and need processing and letting go.

emotional wellbeing

We on Earth, are transported within a "physical body" it is the collection of matter, a defined mass of dense energy that we can see and touch. It contains our organs, our skeletal frame and covered in skin. It is what we generally call our "body".

But we also have an "Emotional Body" it is a subtle body, a projection of light energy. It is the second layer of the Aura and not dense like the physical body. In a healthy state it is believed that this collection of energy works in sync with the sacral chakra, located just below the navel in the pelvic area. It is the seat of emotions, expression, pleasure and sensuality and resonates with the colour orange. It can be stimulated by rotating the hips just like a belly-dancer! 

Addictive behaviour can manifest when this energy center is overactive and we can experience fear and inadequacy when it is blocked or stagnant. It works in harmony with the heart chakra, the energy center that generates sensations of love, generosity and kindness. When the heart and sacral centers are open we feel connection to others, we feel loved and can express unconditional love and compassion. The heart chakra resonates with the colour green or rose pink and is connected with the 4th layer of the Aura. In between these two centers is the solar plexus, helping to bridge these chakras. The solar plexus is responsible for our personal power, our drive and courage and resonates with the colour yellow. When the energy is flowing freely, you can see how powerful the feelings of love and desire can be experienced. Beautiful, fulfilling relationships can be felt when the energies are working together, when the flow is free. You can sometimes see this light in a person's eyes and feel the radiance of their Aura shining bright, when they are overjoyed and in love. 

When there is distress or fear, this energy can become blocked, stagnant and disconnected. Negative emotions will be experienced and thoughts can become dark and depressive. While our body tries to process all this energy, trying to flow from heart to sacral for example, quite often we can experience digestive problems, pains in the stomach, loss of appetite or even nausea. The excessive energy can affect our nervous systems and create knots in our stomach, shaking in our voice and hands. Our body is trying to process and release the overload. Most of us have experienced this at some time or another, grieving over the loss of a loved one, a relationship break-up or the memory of trauma that we just can't let go of.

When things go wrong, our systems can become overwhelmed, overworked and our innate response is to shut down and turn inward. We instinctively want to protect our "feelings" and close ourselves off. Or we might respond with the fight, flight or flee response and all our systems get ready to boost the adrenals so we can run away from our self! Some people yell, punch or run! It's hard to be logical in the that moment, so we just react and that's all we can do.

When it comes to your Emotional Healing, whether it be shortly after a distressing event or long after it has taken hold in your energetic field, we can work together to bring you back into balance. The first step is to go into the silence, to be still, relax to the point where you can "listen" to your body, give it some space to communicate, then we can take steps to repair the energetic disturbance. Take notes, connect with your body, listen to the messages it is sending you. We innately want to heal, to have joy in our life, your body will work with you if you choose to listen and respond. 

During your Crystalight Energy Healing treatment creating that deep relaxation is the first step to unlock those buried emotions. When the body is calm, energy will move and with the help of your individual treatment plan, we will work together to gently release and address these blockages. You are safe to express whatever has been suppressed, there is no judgement, just a nurturing environment to help sooth and heal your emotional wounds or you might just need a boost to get you on track again.

 You are the ruler of your world, when your body is vibrating at a healthy frequency, your environment & relationships will also benefit.

Emotional Wellbeing

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